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  • 14.04.2010
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Cat wont pee in litter box

There are always reasons that things like this happen. Contrary to popular belief, cats do not out-of-the-blue decide to engage in annoying. It's not that unusual for a cat to pee outside its litter box. Sometimes there's Or it may be in a location that your cat doesn't like. If it's covered. There are numerous reasons why a cat might pee outside the litter box, but with a little investigation (and possibly a trip to the vet's office), you should be able to. Feb 05,  · Why is my cat using her litter box to poop but not to pee? Before I bring my cat, Apricot, to the vet to see if she possibly has a bladder infection (or something) I want to consult the hivemind. Until recently, Apricot always used her litter box. Cats are fastidious creatures, and nowhere is that more evident than in their litter box habits. When your cat won’t use the litter box -- and at least 10% of all cats develop an elimination problem -- the cause could be anything from an unclean box to an sexbokep.info: Julie Edgar. Oct 09,  · it hurts to pee, and the cat associates the pain with the litter box, so won't use it. take her to the vet, testing for a bladder infection is easy and relatively inexpensive. if she does have an infection, she will get antibiotics that should clear it up in a week or sexbokep.info: Open.
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