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  • 09.02.2010
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Subglandular breast implants

One of the great debates in plastic surgery has focused on whether to place breast implants over or under the pectoralis major muscle. Recovery after breast augmentation in the subglandular position is much faster and much less painful than when the muscle is stretched out over an implant. Results of subglandular versus subpectoral augmentation over time: one surgeon's and visible rippling, depending on implant type and breast tissue volume. Subglandular placement refers to when the breast implants are placed between the breast tissue and the pectoral muscle. The Pros: Recovery time tends to be shorter and more comfortable when the implant is placed over the muscle and below the breast tissue. You may also notice a . This means the implant is placed in a pocket behind the breast gland, entirely on top of the pectoralis major muscle. Advantages of subglandular placement include no interference with pectoralis muscle function, no “animation,” or movement of the breasts that occurs with arm movement if the implant is subpectoral, and no requirement for stretching of muscle for the implant to settle into its final position. The majority of implants are placed in a submuscular sexbokep.info are several advantages to this sexbokep.info include more soft tissue coverage, which results in fewer visible folds, creases, and ripples in the sexbokep.info is especially important in women who have thin skin and minimal breast tissue who want saline sexbokep.infor advantage of submuscular placement is a lower incidence of .
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