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  • 16.03.2010
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Avoid razor burn bikini

A former stripper shares her tips on how to get rid of shaving rash on your bikini line. Follow her advice to keep skin rash-free this summer. If you're one of the 77 percent of women who shave their bikini line, then you know to further reduce your chances of experiencing razor burn. The best products to prevent razor bumps, razor burn, and ingrown hairs from waxing on your bikini line according to aestheticians, including. In the case of your bikini line, a poorly planned hair-removal experience can leave you with a “hangover” of red, itchy ingrown hairs and razor bumps. But there’s no need to avoid hot wax and Author: Liesa Goins. Sep 17,  · How to Prevent Razor Bumps, According to Aestheticians. “Razor burn is caused by friction against the skin when the skin is not prepped well enough, or the person shaved too aggressively.” Razor bumps, however, are basically ingrown hairs, and though they can appear anywhere you shave, they happen most often on delicate skin where the hairs are coarse — like the bikini Author: Maxine Builder, Hilary Reid. Jun 14,  · - Shave using a men's razor (one with four blades) and men's moisturising shaving cream. Since they are made for faces, they are extra gentle. - Dab some rubbing alcohol on the skin after you shave to kill bacteria and close your pores. - Then apply deodorant (an .
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