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Itchy vagina pregnancy

Pregnant women often experience vaginal itching at some point during pregnancy. This is a normal and common occurrence. Many things can. It causes itching, irritation and swelling of the vagina and surrounding area, sometimes However, if you're pregnant or breastfeeding and you have thrush, you. Here's a look at the possible causes of vaginal itching during pregnancy with reassurances that this is a common occurrence and treatment tips. Vaginal Itching. I had no itching with my first pregnancy- i had CONSTANT itching with my second pregnancy for 5 months. Yeast infection test came back negative and I never found anything that helped. 8 weeks before I delivered, it stopped! Who knows! I'm 12 weeks with my third pregnancy and the itching has begun. Jun 11,  · Vaginal Infections During Pregnancy. Thanks to the surge in hormones that happens during pregnancy, moms-to-be are more susceptible to a host of vaginal infections. Here are the common culprits. Vaginal itching can be one of the first signs of a UTI during pregnancy and is quite common. The usual offender is the E-Coli strain of bacteria and can cause itching and burning with urination. Some of these are self-limiting and can be taken care of with cranberry juice and yogurt added to the diet.
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