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  • 19.06.2010
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Sperm for the skin

Sperm isn't a good alternative to proper skin care. It isn't going to clear up your acne or reduce the appearance of fine lines, among other. A celebrity facialist to the stars has revealed her secret weapon for fresh, glowing skin: human semen. Chelsee Lewis, who has been in the. Though sperm is often associated with having sex, spitting and swallowing, and making babies, there are so many other ways it can be used. Jul 21,  · According to a new study, it is believed semen or sperm is good for the skin. The proteins and nutrients present in sperm can make your face glow and help to lighten those nasty looking scars too. Many women find this to be a sickening face pack, but, if you still feel it can work wonders on your skin, why not try this natural sexbokep.info: Staff. Semen isn't actually as good for your skin as you might've thought, but it apparently works as invisible ink in case you need to write a secret message. Photo Credit: Shutterstock. Aug 19,  · What Sperm Can Do For You. If the idea of using semen on your skin seems foreign, especially if you don’t swallow or like to keep cum on your body after getting down and dirty with your man, you might wonder why in the world someone would put semen on their skin.
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