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  • 24.06.2010
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Man swinging baby by arms

BIZARRE footage shows a father swinging his baby around his head like a rag four-month-old daughter Milada around by her legs and arms. Oddly, there is precedent: Russian swinging baby videos are a meme. man swinging a baby by its arms and legs ignited mass hysteria and. A crowd cheer and clap as the man, dressed in a sari, violently swings and tosses the infant through the air. Oct 30,  · Video of happy man vigorously swinging baby around room. Follow Us Twitter / Facebook / RSS. Hard to believe this is real, but it sure seems like it. Sporty Babysitter of the Year. As it turns out, Russian swinging baby videos of dubious origin are a recurring phenomenon: Two years ago, video of a Russian (or perhaps Ukranian) man swinging a baby by its arms . Jun 02,  · Fokina Skype-chatted with us from her home in Dahab, Egypt, in the Sinai Peninsula, where she lives with her daughters (who not only survived baby-swinging but also grew up to .
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