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Tubular breast correction

Learn about tubular breasts and tubular breast augmentation. Dr. Rudderman can evaluate tubular breasts symptoms and offer correction via surgery. He is a board-certified surgeon in midtown Atlanta and Alpharetta. FAQs on correction of tuberous breasts. Read about breast implants, saline vs silicone, breast enhancement surgery, breast. Tuberous breasts (also known as tubular breasts or constricted breast deformity) is a common congenital breast deformity that occurs in both men and women. While the exact cause is not known, plastic surgeons frequently commonly correct tuberous breasts through a combination of breast augmentation and breast lifts. Tubular Breast Correction Surgery Newport Beach, Orange County. Proper correction of tuberous breasts is a challenging endeavor in breast surgery and requires a significant amount of prior experience. In our plastic surgery and body contouring practice, Dr. Agha sees women with varying degrees of breast asymmetry or tuberous deformity. A tube-like shape to the breast; From an aesthetic standpoint, tubular breasts are challenging both to the women that have them and the plastic surgeons that correct them. Many doctors lack the experience and technical expertise to rise to the challenge of correcting tuberous breasts. Dr. Hobar has a great deal of experience correcting tuberous Location: Forest Lane, Suite B , Dallas, , TX.
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