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Leia bikini scene

Princess Leia's bikini is an iconic costume worn by actress Carrie Fisher as Princess Leia in the Featured only in two scenes, the "Slave Leia" costume has nonetheless made Carrie Fisher an iconic sex symbol. The outfit has been elevated. Carrie Fisher remembers Princess Leia's metal bikini all too well. Lucas apparently wanted something “special” for the scene in Jabba the. With the Leia slave bikini, George Lucas, however, turns the idea of "I wanted 25 yards of fabric to be flowing through the scene but we. May 23,  · Throughout her enslavement Leia keeps her eyes and ears open and struggles against Jabba. The final scene between Leia and Jabba is horrific in its explicitness. Death and killing are, although present, very tame in the original  Star Wars films. There is no overt goriness and most characters die off screen. The bikini itself, sometimes called the “Slave Leia” costume or the “Hutt Slayer,” is one of the most recognizable costumes in all of Hollywood history, up there with Dorothy’s red slippers from. Aug 03,  · Per a request I recieved, here's a batch of clips not organized as a music video (or ect.) of Jabba and his scantily-clad metal bikini-wearing slave girl, Princess Leia.
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