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  • 30.03.2010
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Vision therapy for adults

"I have been cross-eyed since early infancy and had three surgeries as a child that made my eyes look more or less straight. However, I did not develop stereo. Vision Therapy isn't just for children. Adult patients with vision dysfunction can also be treated at Wow Vision Therapy. Whether they have been struggling. Adults tell their stories of better eyesight with vision therapy - better vision without surgery - non-surgical. Effective therapy for adult vision problems. If you are one of the millions of American adults with an undiagnosed or unresolved vision disorder, there’s good news. There’s a more advanced, more effective style of vision therapy at the Vision & Conceptual Development Center (VCDC). Mar 20,  · Vision therapy can help treat many adult conditions, including amblyopia (lazy eye), strabismus (eyes not working together), and double vision. Because vision therapy for adults is available, almost any motivated person can change their visual performance through hard work and training with a certified developmental optometrist. Adult vision therapy is in many cases more effective, because adults are usually more motivated to improve their visual abilities. Plenty of adults have visual problems sustaining near-centered work, including reading, writing, and computer use.
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