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  • 05.05.2010
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Someone to spank me

If you want to be spanked, choose someone that you’d like to be spanked by and just ask them. How do I ask my best friend to spank me for punishment? How do I find someone who would just spank me and not touch anywhere but my butt?. I'd like to say off the bat that I don't intend for this to be a personal ad. I've been looking for someone to spank me for quite a while now, and I guess you could. I am 21 years old. Love to be spanked. I tend to get naughtier the more I want spanked., Spanking Chat City. Sep 24,  · Best Answer: If you have a spanking fetish, it's far better to seek out someone that's into the same interests as you, rather than ask someone who may not share your kink Status: Open. Mar 04,  · It is never appropriate to spank someone else's child. Grandparents have no rights or entitlements to their children's children. If you want to get spanked, ask a Status: Open. I Need Someone to Spank Me: It's difficult to need something so bad, and not have someone to give it to you. Your best bet is to find someone who shares your need in the hopes that you can help each other. A reciprocal accountability and therapy partner can be as valuable as a .
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